In a future of contactless payments, you might want to know about Tiller, your best new ally to say goodbye to your old register

Tiller is more than just a digital cash register. It’s an ecosystem of solutions that can meet all of your business’s needs.

French Tech actor Tiller is an iPad POS system that allows you to manage complex orders in a few seconds and makes other actions, like bill splitting and order editing, simple and easy to perform. Other features include a customizable menu, remote order taking, multiple payment method management, customer files, a floor plan and a digital reservation book.

Beyond these features, Tiller is a flexible system that adapts to your digital and management needs, allowing you to collect, manage and analyze your results directly from your iPad. And if your customers are not quite ready to go full contactless yet, Tiller also allows you to connect a receipt printer, a cash drawer, and other payment devices to your tablet to turn it into a complete payment terminal.

Here where it gets more interesting. Tiller has real-time data collection and a back office that allows you to control all your metrics at a glance. This allows you to monitor sales, compare different time periods, identify your best and worst selling items, review and send your accounting reports and manage your inventory, all in real time. What’s more, you can control your venue’s activity remotely and analyze your performance from wherever you are.  

Finally, Tiller lets you have all the solutions you need to drive your business on one device thanks to its Appmarket, which enables the integration of different partners and functionalities to your POS system. From tools to retain customers, to employee management or payment solutions, the Appmarket allows you to increase your efficiency, keep working with services you already use and save money and time. It gets constantly updated withnew partners and all features are seamless to integrate.

Today, Tiller is the number one iPad POS system in Europe. We say they’re ones to watch.