Meet Mary, the chic new low-ABV player on the block

November 25, 2020

Mary is a responsibly-sourced botanical spirit containing just a hint of alcohol. Delicious and refreshing, its sophisticated dry taste goes perfectly well with tonic.

Surfing on a growing low-ABV trend, Mary seems to tick all the right boxes for today’s mindful consumer. It contains six times less alcohol than gin with no added sugar, no artificial flavors or sweeteners, no carbs or gluten and only 9 calories per 25 ml serving. As good to the planet as it is to our bodies, Mary is made using only sustainably sourced ingredients and is completely vegan and free of GMOs.

Most alt-gins out there today are completely no-ABV, so one might wonder, why has Mary opted to include alcohol (albeit in a small amount) in its composition? The answer comes down to flavor. Per their website: “It can’t be denied that alcohol has a taste. That’s why wine is more satisfying than grape juice and gin tastes better than cold tea. Alcohol adds sophistication and elegance and let’s face, it’s kind of delicious”. So what they did was figure out how to lower the alcohol to a level that would allow to “keep the taste without ever losing control”. As a result, Mary has only 6% alcohol, compared to around 40% for a standard gin. When mixed with tonic or soda, the level plummets down to 1.5% alcohol. To give you an idea, a standard glass of wine is typically about 12%.

Now that we’ve got that covered, what else is in it? The other part of Mary’s appeal is that its recipe isn’t based on rare plants from faraway lands with complicated extraction methods and huge carbon footprints. Instead, it relies on easily and sustainably sourced herbs and botanicals from close to home (that would be England).

For freshness we have bright, aromatic basil, sage, which brings a savory touch that helps cut through the taste of tonic, and thyme, for a crisp garden flavor with a long finish. For depth we have juniper, which adds a familiar and complex gin-like taste, coriander seed, which helps drive a dry, moreish taste, and steam-distilled angelica root for that underlying elegant touch. Finally, for sophistication, the sharp taste of pine lifts up the flavor to ensure it is never overshadowed by mixers, while a light touch of grain spirit brings all the distinctive taste of alcohol without its unwanted effects.

So, are you curious to taste it and try it on your customers?