Form and function: discover the NUDE x Rémy Savage collection

November 25, 2020

    Feast your eyes on this sleek, elegant collection imagined by philosopher-turned-mixologist Rémy Savage for NUDE, the cult designer glassware brand based in Istanbul.

    A beautiful exploration of shapes and formulas, the NUDE Savage Collection presents six glasses, all defined by their ultra-simple and rigorously functional aesthetic. The clean lines, tall silhouettes and subtle curves were all born out of a broader reflection on mixology as a holistic, multi-sensory experience, and the resulting increasingly intimate relationship between drink, glass and patron. More than ever, mixologists acknowledge the need for glassware which is able to meet today’s demands through thoughtful design, shape, and feel.

    Rémy Savage, award-winning bartender, former head of Little Red Door in Paris, the Artesian in London, and now at the head of Le Syndicat, has worked closely alongside NUDE‘s design team to develop this collection as an answer to this shift in paradigm in today’s bar industry. “For me, the beauty of mixed drinks doesn’t necessarily rely on just the drink inside.” says Savage. “It’s about the entire experience. Flavours are a platform to showcase greater ideas, whether it’s art or philosophy. I think that once all these details are expected, then the recipe and of course the glass you choose, can create something that is truly unique and special. That’s what we’re trying to achieve.”.

    Visually, this translates into brilliantly revisited classic shapes in pure, sophisticated designs and, most importantly, smaller glass sizes. This answers a specific need that has arisen in many establishments over the past few years as mixology has been focusing on higher quality spirits mixed in smaller quantities.

    We don’t know about you but we can’t wait to drink out of one of these gorgeous creations.

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